Thursday, 31 March 2011


Firstly I found it hard to choose a D&AD brief, as not of them jumped out at me, so I was a little late than planned starting this brief. But once I started looking into my music, lyrics and album cover, I knew that I would enjoy it.  As I listen to a very wide variety of music, I found it hard to narrow it down to a couple. As I was unsure if to choose a song with or without lyrics but overall I decided on two song with lyrics, as I thought it would be easier to betray them in illustrations.

So i decided on my favorite band, 30 seconds to mars and the songs were, edge of the earth and hurricane. I decided these when I brainstormed various lyrics and thought that I would be able to get a good variety of images from these.

From my brainstorms and early sketches, I create a series of outline vector drawing. Which I found quite easy, as I used the same techniques on my previous project. I found it slightly difficult when trying to put the different vectors together, as I wanted to create a scene and not just random images dotted around a page.  After I finished both my illustrations in outline, I was unsure what treatment to give them. I experimented with just having coloured outlines, fill in them, using a block of colour and also textures, to give it a screen printed feel.

I originally wanted both illustrations to have the same colour treatment, but I overall I am pleased with my outcomes. The first illustration is simple but very striking with the red band across the centre, personally I think my early ideas, filling in the outlines with a screen print texture, did not betray the images across to the target audience. But I feel the second illustration needed this treatment, as it was abit more complex than the first illustration. And lastly I applied these images to a digital booklet. I used the originally album cover but then applied my art work with the lyrics, overall i feel illustration 1 works better with the overall 30 seconds to mars feel than the second illustration.